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Plant Seems to Copy Cannabis

Cannabis is a plant that has long been revered for its medicinal and psychoactive properties. But did you know that there are plants that have strikingly similar characteristics to Cannabis?

Camellia sinensis

The Camellia sinensis plant seems similar to cannabis in many ways, but the main difference is that its leaves are much more bitter than cannabis’. (1) In addition, the camellia plant contains a higher amount of polyphenols than cannabis. Tea is derived from the dried leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. Its leaves are steamed, pan-fried, or dried, and are then used to produce several types of tea. These teas are often drunk by mouth for various health benefits, such as mental alertness and weight loss.



The Camellia sinensis plant is an excellent source of caffeine. The plant grows well in warm, sunny climates, and is widely available as a drink. Its origins are in the hills of East Asia, including southern China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. Its cultivation and consumption has spread to other parts of the world, including the United States and Brazil. The plant can be harvested up to dozens of times a year.


The Soma plant seems to copy cannabis in several ways. Its name is derived from the Vedas, which refer to its long stalk-like bud-covered branches. In the Ugveda, the ninth book of the ancient Hindu epic, the plant is often described as growing in mountains. It is important to note that the bud-covered stalk of cannabis only makes up a small part of the dried plant. The name Soma is also a loan word from Chinese meaning “fire-yellow fibers of hemp.” (2)

Cannabis has long been considered a sacred plant, and cannabis was even made into a god in some pantheons, such as the Hindu and Zoroastrian. This work covers a large range of subject matter, but lays it out in a coherent manner. Hinduism accommodates this, prescribing that the drug be used in a manner which makes this beneficial. The availability of low-potency preparations such as bhang and thandai is a key factor. (3)

There is a long history of the use of Soma, dating back to prehistoric times. The Vedic and Persian Zoroastrian religions trace their origins to ancestors who were of Aryan descent. The Vedic Soma and Avestan Haoma cults are both derived from these Aryan origins. In both religions, the fair-skinned, yellow-haired Indra is regarded as a God.

Cannabis sativa

In recent years, scientists have become interested in cannabis and the production of its cannabinoids. These compounds have multiple functions and can enhance the production of the plant’s products. Moreover, research has revealed that cannabis contains a variety of secondary metabolites, including terpenes. Some of these compounds are potent antimalarial and anti-leishmanial agents. Researchers are exploring new strategies to increase the production of these compounds through genetic engineering.

The cannabis plant’s phytochemicals have a wide range of uses, including the production of textile fibre and bioplastics. The plant has been used as a source of fibre and as a folk remedy since ancient times. The multipurpose properties of the plant are attracting renewed interest in its cultivation, particularly for pharmaceutical purposes. The plant’s inner and outer stem tissues have bioactive properties and can be synthesised into bioplastics and concrete-like substances. (4)

A study conducted by Bedrocan International BV compared the chemical composition of Cannabis and hemp plants. Both plants contain terpenes, which are responsible for a distinct aroma. (5) The study identified twelve terpenes that were positively correlated with the Sativa-Indica scale, including farnesene, which imparts a fruity or tea-like aroma. It was found that Sativa and Indica plants have contrasting aromas, with Sativa smelling floral and herbal, while indica flavours are more savoury and earthy. (6)

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