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The Efficacy of Cannabis for Lower Back Pain

Studies undertaken to investigate the efficacy of cannabis to treat non-surgical and surgical back pain. Found In all articles, cannabis was shown to be effective to treat back pain with an acceptable side effect profile. However, long-term follow up is lacking. As medicinal cannabis is being used more commonly for analgesic effect and patients are “self-prescribing” cannabis for back pain, additional studies are needed for healthcare providers to confidently recommend cannabis therapy for back pain’. (1)

‘While prescribing opioids has been made more difficult, opiates are still a second line treatment for chronic pain. Research shows that about 30% of individuals taking opioids over time find it difficult to desist from treatment’. (2)

In this article you’ll get an overview of chronic pain, the opioid crisis and learn how cannabis may be able to help both chronic pain patients and individuals with opioid use disorder.

‘While the understanding regarding back pain has improved, the ongoing lack of successful and lasting treatment modalities remains an overarching problem. In particular, the struggle of managing non-surgical back pain has been identified as a primary contributing factor to the current opioid epidemic, despite substantial legislative efforts to curb these trends’. (3)

In this research they found little research that supported cannabis use following surgery for back pain. However they suggest that a combination of multimodality therapies, which could include the addition of cannabis to conventional pain management regimens to decrease opiate analgesic usage, are certainly of future interest. (3)

In the study (1) cannabis was shown to be effective to treat back pain with minimal side effects. However, further research is necessary to find the correlation between long term medicinal cannabis and social use for the analgesic effects. Healthcare professionals are through experience finding that their patients are reporting cannabis therapy for back pain.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common treatment options available for back and nerve pain?

When it comes to treating back pain, several common treatment options are available. These options aim to alleviate pain, improve functionality, and enhance overall quality of life.

One approach is through community-based management, which involves a comprehensive care plan tailored to the individual’s needs.

This may include physical therapy, occupational therapy, and pain management techniques. Another crucial aspect is conducting thorough spinal assessments to identify the underlying cause of the pain and tailor treatment accordingly. Treatment options may involve medication, such as analgesics or anti-inflammatory drugs, and non-pharmacological interventions like spinal injections or nerve blockers.

Additionally, lifestyle modifications, including exercise, proper nutrition, and stress management, can significantly manage spinal cord pain.

Consulting with healthcare professionals specialising in spinal cord pain is crucial to determine the most suitable treatment options for each individual’s unique circumstances.

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Medical Cannabis Doctors Online Treatment and Consults

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Medical Cannabis Doctors Online Treatment and Consults

Cannabis is an alternative plant based therapies. It is one of the potential treatments to relieve the symptoms of Huntington’s Disease. It is not the only solution and should not be used in isolation to traditional treatments suggested by your doctors.

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Many GPs experience requests from their regular patients for medical cannabis, however a significant proportion of doctors are reluctant to prescribe it. Largely due to a lack of education which is needed for doctors to better understand the beneficial and adverse effects of cannabis, as well as how it can best be prescribed.

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CannaTelehealth is a telehealth brand backed by the trusted and original Telehealth provider company Phenix Health. CannaTelehealth specialises in online consultations with the ability to help assist treatment of opioid dependence and alcohol addiction. Our platform is designed to enable medical professionals to use the latest telehealth technology, whilst keeping patient information secure and complying with privacy and security regulations.

We have been able to create an online system that makes it easy for patients to book appointments online with qualified and experienced Nurse Practitioners or Doctors, who can assist in the process of accessing Medicinal Cannabis for the treatment of their medical condition. Our telehealth system is fully backed by our clinical team who ensure that all consultations are conducted by suitably qualified health care professionals.

Our doctors are all able to apply for Medicinal Cannabis under the schedule 8 of the Therapeutic Goods Act (TGA), allowing them to prescribe the medication as required. During the initial consultation, your nurse or doctor will work with you to determine whether Medicinal Cannabis is appropriate for your specific symptoms and conditions. If it is, they will then apply for a TGA approval for your escript, which can be used by your pharmacy to order the product.


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