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Canna Telehealth

Refund Policy

CannaTelehealth charges an upfront consultation fee on behalf of our contracted Doctors, Nurse Practitioners and Service providers at the time of booking. We request certain information on our booking form in order to make sure you are eligible for a consultation with regard to potentially prescribing Medicinal Cannabis.

During the consultation the Healthcare professional may request certain clinical evidence of your presenting condition including current medications. This could include recent radiology and pathology results. This is to allow them to feel confident that what they may be prescribing will be safe and the treatment plan appropriate for your condition. If you do not have current results then the Healthcare professional can write you a referral for you to undertake. It is your responsibility to undergo this test at your own convenience. The results should be sent directly to us which will be added to your file. Should the healthcare professional suggest in the consultation that they will need to wait for these results another appointment will need to be scheduled. This is entirely dependent on the results being received.

Whilst we have many Healthcare professionals that are available it is best to be booked with the original Healthcare professional as they will already have taken your extended history. In some circumstances the Healthcare professional may not be available on the day therefore it is best to keep this process moving by booking in for a next available time within a week of having the pathology or radiology tests done.

Following the consultation the healthcare professional may if deemed suitable write a prescription for Medicinal Cannabis. This may need to be assessed by the TGA. There are no guarantees that the TGA will grant approval for the prescription although we find if thoroughly investigated by the healthcare professional in the consultation the TGA is most likely to approve. If the TGA rejects your application by the healthcare professional the consultation fees are non refundable.

However if you feel you are owed a refund due to an overpayment, credit due or for any questions about a refund or this policy, please contact 07 3053 5325.

and ask to speak to Accounts Receivable. Our finance department will verify your refund, and the funds will be credited to your bank account as soon as possible.

We want you to be completely satisfied with our service, so we try to handle all refund requests as quickly as possible.

However we do not refund if you have had a consultation with a General Practitioner or a Nurse Practitioner and there is evidence of clinical notes or a prescription has been supplied.

CannaTeleHealth takes Pre authorisation of your card through our payment gateway. You will be sent a receipt of payment. These funds will be debited into our account immediately post consultation. Should you not be available at the time of the call by the Healthcare professional your card will be debited with a $100 cancellation fee. Our Healthcare professional will have tried to call you for the consultation 2-3 times. Telehealth consultations require a lot of coordination at our end, so please try to keep your appointment.

No refunds are offered if you do not receive a prescription because the healthcare professional has deemed you are unsuitable at this time.

Should our healthcare provider fail to call you we will try to ascertain the reason and either rebook with the same Healthcare professional or another depending on the circumstances. We are able to verify this through our phone logs. Should there be a technical failure and a Healthcare Professionals is not able to conduct a telehealth call either through phone or video we will reschedule the appointment at another suitable time or book with another provider.

Medicinal Cannabis consultations are undertaken by specially trained healthcare professionals and our patients have complex conditions. Our Healthcare professionals allow 30 min for the initial consultation however we do not want to rush any patient’s care therefore we do not rush the process. Should you be tight for time then please let us know prior to the consultation and we will inform the healthcare professional.

Cancellations sometimes are necessary. We require 24 hrs notice otherwise we retain $100 for an initial consultation and $60 for a follow up. We are always able to reschedule as long as we are given 24 hrs notice.


Prescriptions and Product

Cannatelehealth is solely Australian owned by an experienced Telehealth team since 2015. We are not connected in any way to a product supplier. We remain agnostic to brand and prefer to provide our Healthcare Professionals the choice of the appropriate Medicinal Cannabis product. We use all our own proprietary software which is stored on AWS servers based in Sydney. Our software enables escripts to be provided to our patients at the completion of the consultation. The Healthcare Professional will send that to your nominated mobile # and email address.

The TGA approval #s will be added to the escripts. You may take this escript to your local pharmacy of choice. However not all pharmacies will carry the stock of all 300 Medicinal Cannabis products. They most likely will need to order this in. This could take time. Alternatively you may purchase your product from one of the many compound pharmacies that are experienced in dispensing Medicinal Cannabis. The price of the product will vary from place to place. Please check before purchase. Most of the compounding pharmacies will organise delivery through Australia Post to anywhere in Australia. These changes for delivery range from $15.

CannaTeleHealth does encourage all our patients and healthcare providers to register with their 1st script on a platform (as you will need to upload this to register) https://catalyst.honahlee.com.au/app. On this platform you will be able to see research articles, product lists, stock lists and dosage and pricing guidelines.

CannaTelehealth again does not have any business connection to this platform. Phone 07 3053 5325. info@cannatelehealth.com.au

Our Healthcare professionals provide consultations on a long list of conditions.