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Our expert nurses and doctors are making plant-based therapy accessible to those who need it, conveniently through telehealth. We specialise in providing support and solutions for those struggling with conditions like anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

Traditional Medicine VS Plant Based Therapies?

There are several medical conditions that are difficult to treat using traditional methods and medications.

At CannaTelehealth, we offer online doctor consultations to those who live with chronic conditions, Anxiety, Depression and Pain and are seeking alternative treatment solutions.

Our professional doctors and nurses, available 24/7, are specially trained to find the alternative solutions that can help you.

Book an affordable online doctors appointment with one of our healthcare professionals today. 

Some of the common conditions that medicinal cannabis and plant-based therapies help to relieve include:


Book a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) Consultation Today

If you’re struggling with mental health, we can help.

Our experienced doctors and nurses are just a click away, ready to provide you with a tailored Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) online.

The MHCP outlines the type of mental health help you need and provides effective strategies to help you get better.

Why choose CannaTelehealth for your MHCP?

The best part about getting a MHCP through Cannatelehealth is that you can access up to 10 bulk-billed sessions with a psychologist online. Saving you up to $1500 in session costs!

Plus, you get:

  • Immediate Access: No long wait times.
  • Convenience: Attend consultations and sessions right from your home.
  • Expert Care: Lean on a team of experienced and compassionate professionals, dedicated to your wellness.

Everyone deserves a listening ear and a guiding hand; let us be yours.

How Can We Help

Alternative Plant Based Therapies

We offer online doctor consultations to those who live with chronic conditions, Anxiety, Depression and Pain and are seeking alternative treatment solutions.

Mental Health Care Plan

Struggling with your Mental Health? CannaTelehealth can help assist you in obtaining a MHCP today. Our unique MHCP service offers quick, convenient and expert care.

What are Cannabinoids, THC and Terpenes?

Cannabinoids, THC, and terpenes are the primary and natural compounds found in the cannabis plant. They are one of the many plant-based therapy options available through our online healthcare service.

Cutting Edge Medication

Medicinal cannabis is a cutting edge medication, which has successfully assisted treat many chronic health conditions. With new research being undertaken to further establish the extent of how medicinal cannabis can provide relief to many other specific chronic conditions.

Controlled Dosage

Medicinal cannabis is different to recreational cannabis because it is carefully controlled to ensure that the dosage is correct and any side effects are appropriately managed. It is safe, legal and strictly regulated for quality and safety.

Safe, Legal and Regulated

Safe, Legal and Regulated

A medicinal cannabis prescription is prescribed only by Healthcare providers who have applied to become Authorised Prescribers with the TGA or SAS B access. It is more complicated than a prescription for most traditional medicine as it requires advanced training for doctors and nurse practitioners with specific training in the dosage of the different strains of Medicinal Cannabis on the market and experience in long term patient cases where they are able to track individual patients’ outcomes. The special approval from the TGA is granted on a case-by-case basis. Choosing an experienced Medicinal Cannabis prescribing clinic is vital as this is a highly specialised area.

Specialised Services

Alternative treatment option

Medicinal cannabis often provides much needed relief for patients who have tried many other traditional treatment options that have either not worked or have had unbearable side effects.


Safe, Legal and Regulated

At CannaTelehealth, our online healthcare providers are registered Authorised Prescribers with the TGA. Meaning that you'll be taken care of by doctors and nurse practitioners who hold advanced training in medicinal cannabis.

Alternative treatment option

Plant-based therapies can offer relief to patients when traditional treatments have become ineffective or caused severe side effects.

Cutting Edge Medication

Medicinal cannabis is an innovative treatment option, known to effectively alleviate symptoms of numerous chronic health conditions. As a top-tier online medicinal cannabis clinic in Australia, our dedicated doctors and nurses continuously stay updated with the latest research, ensuring our patients get the best care and relief possible.

Controlled Dosage

Like all medications, the right dosage is crucial to minimise side effects. At CannaTelehealth, we ensure that medicinal cannabis and other intergrative medicine treatments are not only safe and legal but also adheres to the strictest quality regulations.

Navigating the medicinal cannabis approval process can be difficult. That’s where our expertise as a leading alternative medicine clinic comes into play. We specialise in prescribing plant-based therapies via telehealth consultations, allowing you to manage your chronic conditions from the comfort of home. We also offer Mental Health Treatment Plans (MHTP) as part of a holistic and integrative health model, and help with medication management.

Backed by the trusted telehealth provider Phenix Health, our in-depth industry experience ensures a swift and smooth process for our patients. Our dedicated doctors and nurse practitioners, known for their approachability and care, are steadfastly committed to enhancing your well-being.

Experience healthcare without the hassle of commuting or waiting rooms!

What's involved?

Struggling with your health is tough. So is dealing with bureaucracy to get the treatment you need.

That’s why we provide a trusted and experienced telehealth service to make the process as pain free as possible.

You’ve probably gone on a long, frustrating journey to get here. We want to help you get back to your best self, with minimal fuss.

Because most of these plant based medicinal cannabinoid products are highly restricted medical product in Australia, there is a multi-step process to prescribing it. Here we have broken down the basic steps so you know what to expect.

Check if you're eligible

Medicinal cannabis is subject to strict regulations in Australia, meaning not everyone qualifies. Complete our straightforward form or schedule an Initial Eligibility Screening with a nurse practitioner for a FREE (or Bulk Billed) online session to ascertain your eligibility.


Book in for an initial consultation

Secure a virtual consultation with a skilled nurse practitioner or doctor. We’ll delve into your medical history, ensuring we comprehend both your condition and lifestyle, to gauge if medicinal cannabis is the right fit for you and devise an optimal treatment plan.

Your doctor will apply to prescribe it

If your doctor determines that medicinal plant-based therapies could be beneficial for your condition, they’ll request the TGA’s permission to prescribe it. Upon securing approval, you’ll receive an electronic prescription (escript) while your pharmacy gets a copy of the TGA’s authorisation document.

Our pharmacy partner will process your escript

Collaborating with specialists in plant-based therapy, our pharmacy partners are here to answer all your queries, from product specifics, pricing, and availability to potential side effects. Opting for home delivery? We’ll directly send your escript along with the necessary TGA documentation to the pharmacy. Upon receipt of your prescription, the pharmacy will initiate the setup of an account for you, facilitating payment and order management. With every prescription detail sorted, your medication is promptly dispatched to your doorstep, ensuring you benefit from the best market rates.

Follow up aftercare plan

We’ll send you a reminder when it’s time for your follow-up online appointments.

Who is Eligible?

Who is Eligible

Medicinal cannabis, like certain other plant-based medications, is classified under Schedule 8 as a controlled substance in Australia. This means doctors need special approval to prescribe it, and not everyone, including children, might qualify.

To be eligible:

  • You must have a chronic health condition that hasn’t responded well to traditional clinical therapies.
  • You need to be a resident of Australia.

Not sure if you meet the criteria? Use our straightforward eligibility form to quickly find out before scheduling your telehealth consultation.

Nurse Practitoner Pricing*

Initial eligibility screening

Bulk billed*

Start your treatment by discussing your plans with a Nurse Practitioner. They can assist in reviewing your eligibility for Medicinal Cannabis. No prescription can be provided at this step. 



This includes a full clinical workup by a Nurse Practitioner. We will determine whether medicinal cannabis is right for you, and we will determine an appropriate dose and product.

Follow up


Follow up appointments will be every 4 weeks to check in on your progress and symptom relief.

Repeat script


Once the medication dosage has stabilised your condition following a follow-up a Nurse Practitioner can provide a repeat prescription for the same medication. 

General Practitioner Pricing

Initial consultation​


This includes a full clinical workup by a General Practitioner. We will determine whether medicinal cannabis is right for you, and we will determine an appropriate dose and product.

Follow up


Follow up appointments will be every 4 weeks to check in on your progress and symptom relief.

Repeat prescription


Once the medication dosage has stabilised your condition following a follow-up, a Doctor can provide a repeat prescription for the same medication. 

What makes us different?

We are an experienced telehealth provider who can provide consultations with qualified, trained and knowledgable healthcare professionals 24/7.
Work with CannaTelehealth

Work with us

If you’re interested in working in the cutting edge frontier of medical solutions, we will provide you with access to the latest evidence based training and software. You will be equipped to manage complex patients and provide important symptom relief, while using modern tools and software to treat patients nationwide. 

As part of our House of Brands we offer Telehealth Mastery RACGP & ACRRM CPD course. In addition our brand GP HR Australia offers 15 years of experience in how to best navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance. 

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The CannaTelehealth Experience


Our team of online nurse practitioners and doctors specialise in prescribing holistic health remedies, including plant-based medicines. They are experts in creating an individual chronic pain management plan tailored to your unique concerns. Their knowledge extends to monitoring your treatment and process.

When you’re looking for leading telehealth services in Australia and treatments on the cutting edge of medical innovation, trust CannaTelehealth. We’re more than just an online platform; we’re a partner in your holistic wellness journey.

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Disclaimer: CannaTelehealth is not promoting the use of any one plant based product in particular, medicinal cannabis. Medicinal cannabis does affect every person differently, due to factors such as size, weight, health, dosage, tolerance and age. Medicinal cannabis might not work for you, and you might experience side-effects. Information provided by CannaTelehealth is for educational and informational purposes only. For medical advice, please refer to your doctor. Medicinal cannabis in Australia is regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration and details about cannabis as a scheduled drug can be found on their website.

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