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What treatments are available for PTSD?

CBD Oil for PTSD

Studies have shown the transformative power of CBD oil for PTSD, the new medication providing hope for individuals living with complex PTSD.

However while CBD and CBD oil can help with some of the symptoms of PTSD it is not suitable for all cases. CBD, without THC, can help by reducing anxiety, disrupt fear memories and help REM sleep. CBD works by interacting indirectly with the CB2, dopamine and serotonin receptors. (1)

CBD doesn’t actually increase serotonin or dopamine. It is a regulator that helps your body use chemicals that are there more efficiently or break chemicals down more slowly. Through interaction with certain brain pleasure centres, in particular the area that stimulates anandamide, scientists believe that CBD helps with serotonin and dopamine production and regulation. (1)
If you are struggling with the effects of PTSD on relationships, sleep, or overall well-being, CBD oil offers potential relief.

PTSD insomnia can be debilitating, but CBD oil has shown promise in promoting restful sleep and reducing anxiety-related symptoms. Experience the calming effects that can contribute to a better night’s rest and improved daily functioning.

In addition to its therapeutic benefits, CBD oil can complement PTSD counselling and therapy. It may assist in managing symptoms, promoting relaxation, and enhancing the effectiveness of treatment strategies.

Each patient is unique so it is important to undertake a thorough clinical history in order to be prescribed the most appropriate strain and product for you. There is a specific product that is more suited to PTSD patients says Dr Matty Moore. He reiterated the fact that studies have shown that THC can help decrease PTSD symptoms and has a positive effect on sleep. (1)

It is normally best to start with a cannabis oil because of its long duration of action and providing a strong baseline relief that will last throughout the day. Oils are also very easy to titrate up and are generally well tolerated.

Exploring your PTSD journey with CBD oil could unlock potential healing and recovery. Make sure you prioritise your well-being before trialling new ways to overcome the challenges of PTSD.

There are no specific side effects for cannabis and PTSD, however cannabis may have potential side effects.

Taking too much THC can have negative impacts on sleep and increase anxiety. Other side effects include dry mouth, changes in cognition, dizziness, and fatigue.

It is always best to speak to the healthcare professional to discuss treatment options whether traditional medications or any medicinal cannabis products. If you have any concerns or questions, please organise an appointment to speak to your GP or Nurse Practitioner.

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