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Mental Health Online Counselling and Therapy

Choosing to go for an online psychologist or counselling for therapy is an effective option if seeing a practitioner in a clinic is dificult. There are a lot of advantages to this kind of service including being able to have your sessions from the comfort of your own home. You also have the freedom of being able to choose the day and time that suits you best.

What is Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)

Whether you have depression, anxiety, insomnia, substance use, or another mental health problem, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) may help. By changing the way you think, you can change your behaviour, leading to healthier habits and better health. (1)

The basic theory behind CBT is that thoughts, emotions, and actions are connected. Positive feelings lead to positive thoughts and actions. Negative feelings and perceptions, on the other hand, are responsible for creating emotional distress and unhealthy behaviours. Using CBT, you can learn to recognize negative thoughts and beliefs, as well as how to replace them with more healthy, constructive ones.

Cognitive behavioural therapy is often short-term, usually lasting from five to twenty sessions. Some people prefer to have occasional phone or face-to-face meetings with a therapist. Others may find that they can benefit from the use of a computer, or an interactive online tool.

mental health online counselling

In CBT, the therapist is a guide to the patient’s process. He or she can provide information and guidance, and may also offer a safe, non-judgmental environment for patients. The therapist may ask you to practise new skills, such as coping strategies and goal setting.

Face-to-face vs online

Using the internet for therapy has become a growing trend. This type of therapy has many benefits. It can help you manage your health issues, including depression and anxiety. It’s also a more convenient option for many people. In fact, it’s even been proven to be just as effective as face-to-face therapy. However, some forms of therapy require an in-person dialogue, and it can be difficult to find a therapist who’s available around the clock.

Another benefit of online therapy is that it can be more affordable. Depending on the type of program, sessions can be a fraction of the cost of face-to-face therapy. Some programs allow you to schedule appointments, while others provide messaging services.

The biggest drawback of a digital mental health service is that it does not allow you to interact with your health professional in ways that rely on your body language, tone of voice, or other cues. This can limit the depth of your understanding.

Loss of emotional connection

Having good emotional connections is an important part of having a happy and healthy life. However, sometimes people are unable to connect with others, and they feel numb or detached from other people.

There are several reasons why this can occur, including illness or injury. Regardless of the cause, emotional detachment can interfere with your relationships.

A mental health provider can help you identify the best course of action to overcome emotional detachment. They can also assist you in understanding how to connect with others and process your emotions.

Often, people who have a problem with emotional detachment don’t even realise they have it. They may blame themselves for not being able to express their emotions, or they may choose to avoid uncomfortable situations. They might engage in unhealthy behaviours, such as drugs, to divert their attention from their feelings.

When someone is able to reconnect with their feelings, they may be able to find a meaningful, satisfying relationship. They may be able to find a better balance between work and home, or they may be able to share more with others.


The cost of online mental health counselling and therapy does vary between practitioners by experience and subspecialties. Some of these services offer 24-hour support. They also usually include all tools that are available to traditional therapy clients.

The cost of therapy can vary greatly depending on the location, the type of therapy and the therapist. It’s important to research the therapy provider and their rates before booking a session.

The average rate for an in-person therapy session can range from $60 to $180. Some providers offer sliding scale payments for those on a tight budget. It is also important to check with your health insurance provider to see if your plan covers this type of service.

One option is CannaTeleHealth, an online service that offers behavioural health and counselling. CannaTelehealth offers patients a Bulk Billed Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) or (MHTP) Once a plan is proposed it may include multiple sessions depending on your need and the healthcare professionals care plan. The Nurse practitioner will undertake a clinical consultation and then refer to the GP for completing the consultation and treatment plan. This then can be used to book a consultation with a Psychologist (www.talked.com.au)

In conclusion, online counselling and therapy can be a convenient and effective way for individuals to access mental health support. By using online platforms, individuals can connect with trained psychologists and therapists from the comfort of their own homes, at a time that is convenient for them.

Online therapy can be particularly beneficial for individuals who live in remote areas or who have busy schedules that make it difficult to attend in-person appointments. Additionally, online therapy can be a cost-effective option for individuals who may not have access to traditional therapy services.

Overall, online counselling and therapy can provide individuals with the support they need to address their mental health concerns and improve their overall well-being.

Cannabis and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

As this study found ‘Cannabis use frequency was associated with poorer CBT outcomes for anxiety and related disorders, however these individuals still made notable treatment gains. The mechanism driving this relationship remains unclear. Future studies should attempt to replicate the current findings and examine possible mechanisms.’ (2)

About Us

CannaTelehealth, specialises in providing online consultations for various healthcare needs, including assistance with alcohol addiction. Our platform is designed to facilitate the use of advanced telehealth technology by medical professionals, ensuring the security and privacy of patient information in compliance with regulations.

We have developed an online system that simplifies the process of booking appointments with qualified and experienced General Practitioners, Nurse Practitioners, who can assist patients in accessing prescriptions for Medicinal Cannabis for their medical conditions. Our telehealth system is fully supported by our clinical team, guaranteeing that all consultations are conducted by appropriately qualified healthcare professionals.

Our doctors are authorised to prescribe Medicinal Cannabis under Schedule 8 of the Therapeutic Goods Act. In the initial consultation, your nurse or doctor will collaborate with you to determine the suitability of Medicinal Cannabis for your specific symptoms and conditions. If deemed appropriate, they will then apply for TGA approval for your electronic prescription, which can be presented at your pharmacy of choice.

Medical Cannabis Doctors Online Treatment and Consults

CannaTelehealth’s doctors have extensive experience in assessing patients for medicinal cannabis. Prior to having an online consultation with our healthcare professionals it is a good idea to write down your questions before your consultation so that you don’t forget them.

Our doctors will review your medical history and confirm that you meet the criteria for a medicinal cannabis prescription under the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Special Access Scheme. We will then either prescribe medication through the Authorised Prescriber pathway or submit your application to the TGA and you should receive your product within 2 business days.

All our doctors are trained under the TGA authorised prescriber scheme and have detailed knowledge of how cannabis affects the body. Our doctors are also able to recommend the best dosage and type of cannabis for your condition. Our doctors are able to prescribe all forms of medicinal cannabis including capsules, tinctures, sprays and vape cartridges.

The cost of your medical cannabis will vary depending on your condition and the specific product that is recommended for you.

Our clinic offers bulk billing for patients who have been approved by the DVA. This is worth checking for your eligibility criteria for this discounted online consultation.

Book a consultation – Follow the simple steps to engaging with an online health professional who will assess your eligibility for alternative treatments such as medicinal cannabis and what might be the cause of your chronic pain.

To contact us at CannaTelehealth you can either go directly to the website and add your details directly to our ‘Contact Us Form’ We will contact you within 1 hour. Normally our online healthcare professionals who are pain medicine specialists will have a booking time within 1 day if suitable. Alternatively you may contact us via info@cannatelehealth.com.au.


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