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CBD and Wakefulness

CBD and Wakefulness

CBD has recently been linked to an increase in alertness. (1)  However, it has not been proven exactly what the relationship is between CBD and alertness. Earlier studies have suggested that CBD may influence dopamine levels in the brain. In one such study, researchers allowed CBD to perfuse into the hypothalamus of rodents, which is known to modulate alertness. In other words, increasing dopamine levels increases alertness. Despite the wake-inducing effects caused by CBD, it remained the contradictory data reported by others. (1)

CBD and Wakefulness (2)

Symptoms of CBD wakefulness

CBD has shown to be effective for excessive daytime sleepiness, but how much should you take? There are several options. The most common ones are CBD oil and hemp seeds. These are both great options for relieving excessive daytime sleepiness and for people with other disorders like insomnia. In addition to helping people stay awake, CBD has a number of other benefits, including calming the nervous system and improving moods and concentration. (2)

One study used CBD in rats and found that it increased the alertness of rats. The CBD decreased REM sleep and increased waking after an hour. Injections of CBD also increased c-Fos expression in brain regions associated with wakefulness and waking. These effects were not observed during the lights-off period. CBD was shown to increase wakefulness, but not affect sleep in the dark phase. (3)

Mechanisms of action

In 2009, a group led by Hurd examined the effects of CBD treatment on heroin self-administration. (4) Although the drug did not reduce the amount of heroin self-administration or the amount of drug-primed reinstatement, the group showed a decrease in cue-induced reinstatement of heroin seeking after treatment with CBD. This suggests that CBD’s effects on drug-seeking may last for longer than a day.

To understand the effects of CBD, researchers have looked at the way that it affects the brain’s neurotransmitters. The substance inhibits the transport of anandamide, which is metabolised by fatty acid amide hydrolase. As an effect, increased anandamide activates CB1Rs and TRPV1, which alters cocaine-seeking behaviour. CBD also has a low affinity for FABPs, and inhibits the updating of AEA. However, these findings suggest that CBD plays a limited role in addiction-related behaviour.

The effects of CBD on self-administration of sucrose are consistent across behavioural paradigms. Although CBD was not as effective in transgenic mice that lack the CB1 receptor, it reduced the self-administration of sucrose in wild-type and CB1-knockout mice. The selective CB1R antagonist AM251 potentiated the effect of CBD on sucrose self-administration. However, it failed to enhance CBD’s effect on cocaine self-administration, electrical BSR, and reward in rats.

What side effects are possible with CBD?

The most common side effects reported were fatigue, diarrhoea and weight/appetite changes. CBD is less likely to cause side effects than other drugs used to treat these conditions. This could increase patients’ compliance with treatment. CBD is used frequently as an adjunct therapy. More clinical research on CBD’s action on hepatic transporters and enzymes and its interactions with other drugs is needed to determine if it has a positive or negative effect. For example, if CBD reduces the dose of clobazam required in epilepsy, and therefore, clobazam side effects. (5)

In a recent study, a chart review of 72 patients who received CBD found that they experienced less sleep difficulty and reduced anxiety. In fact, 66 percent of participants reported that they experienced less difficulty sleeping. The results of the study were stable for the duration of the study, although the participants’ sleep scores fluctuated. However, the positive effect of CBD on sleep was still under investigation. It is unclear if CBD has any direct influence on the sleep-wake cycle. (6)


CBD has been studied for its ability to alter the sleep-wake cycle. This article will look at the effects of CBD on this process. CBD has been shown to increase the length of sleep and reduce the number of waking hours in rats. While further studies are needed to verify these findings, they do suggest that CBD is beneficial for people with sleep disorders. To learn more, read on! Here are some of the main benefits of CBD for sleep. (5)

CBD is thought to improve sleep quality and can be effective for disorders that impact the REM sleep cycles, such as Parkinson’s disease. In one study, people with Parkinson’s disease reported improvement in sleep disturbances and anxiety following treatment with CBD. Another study in a ten-year-old girl found that a moderate dosage of CBD increased her total sleep time and reduced her number of awakenings. A retrospective study of two cannabis clinics also found that patients with sleep as their primary concern improved their ability to sleep and decreased their overall time to fall asleep. (7)

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