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Plants As a Source of New Medicines


Plants are a potential source of new medicines, as they contain natural compounds that target and cause a reaction inside the body. Researchers are beginning to explore the possibilities of using plants as sources of drugs. As the world warms, more land will be released from permafrost, allowing new varieties of plants to emerge. This […]

How CBD Oil Affects Serotonin Receptors and Its Effect on Children With Autism

CBD Oil and Its Effect on Children

What is Autism? Autism affects a person’s thinking, feelings, interactions with others and how they experience their environment. Autism is a disability that begins at birth and continues into old age. Each Autistic individual is unique. Autism is a spectrum. Aspect describes autism as a different brilliant(r) (1) It is difficult to define autism in […]

Using Cannabis in Weight Management

Cannabis in Weight Management

Using natural products that contain cannabinoids for weight management could be worth considering, as it can boost your metabolism, improve your energy levels, and help you lose weight. There are several factors that make it a potential option. One of the factors is that it contains a natural appetite suppressant. Combined with the fact that […]

Essential Medicines from Plants


Essential medicines from plants are natural substances that help to treat illnesses. These compounds are found in various plants and their therapeutic actions are explored in this article. What Compounds are Found in plants? Compounds found in plants have been used throughout history as medicines. In fact, more than 100 medications have their roots in […]

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