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What can a Mental Health Care Plan help with?

A Mental Health Care Plan can help you get the support you need. It also helps you and your doctor decide what kind of treatment you need, such as therapy or medication. A MHCP can also give you access to time-limited recovery supports, such as housing or transportation assistance. These support services can make it […]

Plants As a Source of New Medicines


Plants are a potential source of new medicines, as they contain natural compounds that target and cause a reaction inside the body. Researchers are beginning to explore the possibilities of using plants as sources of drugs. As the world warms, more land will be released from permafrost, allowing new varieties of plants to emerge. This […]

Ancient Plants Used for Medicine

ancient plants used for medicine

Ancient Plants Used For Medicine Did you know that there are ancient plants that are still used today to treat ailments? The mandrake plant is one such plant. The root of the mandrake plant is half a metre long and contains analgesic and narcotic properties. It was often used as analgesics and for treating chronic […]

CBD and Wakefulness

cbd wakefulness

CBD and Wakefulness CBD has recently been linked to an increase in alertness. (1)  However, it has not been proven exactly what the relationship is between CBD and alertness. Earlier studies have suggested that CBD may influence dopamine levels in the brain. In one such study, researchers allowed CBD to perfuse into the hypothalamus of […]

Medical Cannabis For Insomnia


Is Medical Cannabis for Insomnia helpful?: Research suggests CBD, the second-most abundant cannabinoid in cannabis, was shown to have two effects on sleep latency. CBD has a stimulating effect at lower doses. However, higher doses can have a more sedating effect. It can increase the total amount of sleep and reduce the number of awakenings […]

How CBD Oil Affects Serotonin Receptors and Its Effect on Children With Autism

CBD Oil and Its Effect on Children

What is Autism? Autism affects a person’s thinking, feelings, interactions with others and how they experience their environment. Autism is a disability that begins at birth and continues into old age. Each Autistic individual is unique. Autism is a spectrum. Aspect describes autism as a different brilliant(r) (1) It is difficult to define autism in […]

Cannabis As a Plant For Health Benefits

Cannabis Health Benefits

What are the Cannabis Health Benefits? Cannabis is a plant with a long history of use, dating back thousands of years. Its use is first recorded in western China and central Asia, and has been used for a variety of ailments for millennia. Its alleged therapeutic properties have been documented in Chinese medicine as early […]

An Overview of Cannabinoids and the Endocannabinoid System


This article provides an overview of the role of cannabinoids in the endocannabinoid systems, including how these compounds interact with CB1 receptors and how these can affect the immune system. It also discusses how cannabinoids can affect the cardiovascular system. Do Cannabinoids inhibit neurotransmitter release? The endocannabinoid system is a complex neuromodulatory system composed of […]

Inhaling Medical Cannabis for Migraine Relief

Migraine Relief

Inhaled cannabis & migraine relief Inhaling medical cannabis appears to significantly decrease the number of migraines in patients suffering from chronic headaches, according to a recent study. The study used data collected from patients who self-administered cannabis using a standardised vaporisation device known as a Mighty Medic. (2) This device is based on a validated […]

Plant Based Medicines For Allergy

Medicines For Allergy

Plant Based Medicines for Allergies Allergies can be a pesky and sometimes debilitating problem for many people. While there are a variety of medications available to help alleviate allergy symptoms, some individuals may be looking for more natural alternatives. Stinging nettle Stinging nettle plant based medicine has several potential benefits for allergy sufferers. The plant […]

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