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Mental Health Care & Treatment Plans​

What is a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP)?

A Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) is like a personal roadmap for your mental health journey. Developed in partnership with a healthcare professional, each plan at CannaTelehealth is tailored to address your unique mental health needs.

Exciting updates from Medicare in 2022 mean that if you’re facing mental health challenges, you can now get rebates for individual sessions with specialists via a MHCP recommended by a GP.

Medicare Rebate Info: Look for item numbers 92112, 92113, 92118, and 92123.

Session Details: With an MHCP, GPs can approve up to 10 sessions with a psychologist. And for rebates? You’ll receive $89.65 for standard sessions and $131.65 if you’re seeing a clinical psychologist.

How to get a MHCP through CannaTelehealth:

Step 1: First, our nurses devote a good 20 minutes to understanding your medical history, all virtually. If preferred, this can involve a chosen family member or carer if you wish. This step is crucial to help our GPs tailor a MHCP that’s right for you.

Step 2: After your appointment with the Nurse Practitioner, you’ll have a session with a GP immediately after. Each of these appointments lasts for a minimum of 20 minutes. We ensure both are scheduled back-to-back for a seamless experience.

On Medicare Rebates: Our professionals at CannaTelehealth, equipped with specific provider numbers, will determine the Medicare rebate based on the consultation duration.
Choose CannaTelehealth for swift access to mental health assistance. Experience the care of professionals who champion a holistic approach.

Are Mental Health Care Plans Bulk-Billed?

At CannaTelehealth, we’re committed to delivering mental health help that is accessible and affordable. For an annual fee of $55, we handle all the administrative tasks, ensuring smooth communication between you and your chosen Psychologist or health expert.

If you’re a holder of an eligible Medicare Card or DVA card, your MHCP and associated health services are Bulk-Billed under the relevant time-based item numbers.

Don’t have an eligible card? No worries. Opt for private payment, with time-based consultation charges quoted during your appointment.

For a detailed look at Medicare’s time-based consultations, visit:

Have questions about our services and costs? We’re here for you. Dial 07 3053 5325 or connect with us via our ‘Contact’ page.

Understanding Mental Health Treatment Plans vs. Mental Health Care Plans

Mental Health Treatment Plans (MHTP) and Mental Health Care Plans (MHCP) are two terms that describe a strategy that your doctor or nurse can create to help you navigate any mental health challenges. These plans highlight your mental well-being targets and the potential services and therapies you can use – ranging from traditional methods like 10 bulk-billed sessions with a psychologist, to alternative, plant-based solutions.

So, whether you come across MHTP or MHCP, know that both guide you towards the same goal: better mental well-being.

Why should you consider a Mental Health Care Plan with CannaTelehealth?

There are several benefits to getting a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) with CannaTelehealth. In comparison to getting private mental health help, a MHCP is much more financially viable. That’s because, with a MHCP, you can receive up to 10 individual therapy sessions per year bulk-billed. You can also access 10 group therapy sessions each calendar year – bringing the total amount of sessions up to 20 per year. Your sessions can be with a number of different healthcare professionals, such as psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists or other certified providers.

Another benefit of getting a MHCP is that it’s made specifically for you. It’s tailored to your needs, specific conditions, and mental health goals. This helps ensure that you get care that is targeted and effective.

One of the most common complaints of patients seeking mental health help is the super long wait times and lack of expert care. But with CannaTelehealth, those are not worries you’ll need to have. Our service is fast, easy and convenient. All of your consultations and appointments are online, and you can even access online psychology sessions. By having one of our GPs create a MHCP for you, it becomes much easier for your whole healthcare team, such as your psychologist, psychiatrist, or other mental health professionals, to communicate and work together towards your goals.

How many sessions with a Psychologist can you get with a MHCP?

In the Australian healthcare system, a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) acts as a supportive framework for individuals navigating mental health challenges. Under a MHCP, beneficiaries can access a total of 10 individual and 10 group sessions with a psychologist every year. As the calendar turns to January 1st, this benefit refreshes. However, any remaining sessions from the past year won’t roll over, so utilising them fully within the given year is essential.

When can you ask your GP to increase your sessions?

If questions or concerns arise about your health, don’t hesitate! Quickly set up a Telehealth meeting. If the GP’s schedule permits, you can land a consultation on the day you book.

Here’s a basic breakdown of the 6-4-6 rule:

  1. Book a MHCP consult through CannaTelehealth.
  2. After 6 therapy sessions, book back in with the GP.
  3. Once you’ve completed another 4 sessions, book back in with your GP.
  4. After another 6 sessions, it’s time for another visit!

Remember, the ‘6-4-6’ rule keeps you and your GP on the same page, ensuring you get the best care.

What conditions can I get a MHCP for, under the Medicare scheme?

A MHCP covers many different mental health conditions, some of the common conditions that we help with are:

  • Generalised Anxiety disorder (GAD)
  • Depression
  • PTSD Post Traumatic Disorder
  • Panic disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • Adjustment disorders
  • Phobic disorders
  • Post-natal depression

If you’re suffering from a condition that doesn’t align with the list above, don’t hesitate to get in touch. One of our doctors or nurses can help determine whether you are eligible for a Medicare rebated consultation.

Is getting a Mental Health Care Plan difficult?

With CannaTelehealth, getting a Mental Health Care Plan is not difficult. We know that getting the help you need shouldn’t be an added stress when you’re struggling with mental health. The main eligibility requirement is that you are currently struggling with a mental health issue.

You can rely on our expert team of GPs and Nurses to assess and identify mental health conditions proficiently. They can gauge your circumstances and recommend the best solutions for you. Here are some of the options they may recommend:

A specialist referral for a Psychiatrist or other professional.
Bulk-billed sessions with a Psychologist.
A different mental-health-trained counsellor.

We understand that the spectrum of mental health disorders is broad. Keep in mind that a mental health condition shouldn’t disrupt your day-to-day life, so if this applies to you, don’t hesitate to book a consultation.

Ultimately, your GP will delve deep into your mental wellness, weigh the symptoms, and conclude whether an MHCP aligns with your requirements.


Yes! We have a list of psychologists who are experts in child mental health. With the MHCP, parents can attend two sessions out of ten, but the child needs to be at the rest. After every 6th and 10th session, a GP check-in is a must. And if you ever can’t use the Medicare rebate, private payments are an option.

There are two parts: First, you have a chat with us about your health history, which can be on the same day. Then, you’ll spend at least 20 minutes with the GP, maybe more, based on your situation. After assessing your mental health, the GP will guide the next steps. No worries, our GPs are mental health pros.

We’re digital-first at CannaTelehealth! You can get your MHCP via phone or video. But, if our GP thinks an in-person chat would be better, we’ll connect you to a local GP. Some complex cases might need a specialist. Not every place offers online services, so always check first.

Begin by booking with us online or giving us a call. Our nurses will discuss your medical history, followed by a comprehensive chat with our GP. Post-discussion, we’ll route your MHCP to your chosen psychologist. Looking for recommendations? We hold ‘Talked’ in high regard. Remember, all information is private and safe with us.

Absolutely, you can choose your psychologist. Your GP may recommend a certan psychologist who specialises and can meet your needs, but the final decision is yours to make.

We partner with Talked, which gives you access to experienced, professional providers who bulk-bill and offer sessions online.

The Medicare rebate is only available for a maximum of 10 individual and 10 group therapy sessions for each calendar year. Need more sessions within that timeframe? You’ll have to discuss alternative financing with your psychologist.

Unused sessions within that year? Pop back to your GP for a review to tap into those remaining ones. This is also a great opportunity to revisit your MHCP and see if any changes are needed.

If a year has gone by and you’ve maxed out your rebateable sessions but still need assistance, get in touch with your psychologist. They can chat with the GP about potential extra sessions under MHCP. However, without that, any further sessions will be on a private pay basis. 


To check if you’re eligible for a new MHCP, you’ll need a fresh consultation with your GP.

Psychologists are independent from our service, so their fees will vary on their specialisation and experience.

Many psychologists may opt for a bulk-billed service, while others might offer a ‘Gap fee’ pricing structure.

Other services will be billed entirely privately, if they fall outside of Medicare’s cover. You’ll be able to confirm the fees with the psychologist you choose before your sessions start.

Certainly! The gap fee is the difference between the amount charged by the psychologist and the amount of the Medicare rebate. Let’s say a psychologist offers their services for $150 and the Medicare rebate is $91.25, then each session will cost you $58.75 out of pocket. The clinic will bill Medicare on your behalf, so after you pay $150 for the service, you’ll get $58.75 into your bank account.

If the entire session is bulk-billed, the clinic can bill Medicare directly. This means you’ll have no out of pocket costs!

Seeking mental health help can be daunting for some. It’s completely normal to feel apprehensive or nervous. With CannaTelehealth, you can rest assured that our healthcare professionals are experienced and trained in mental health. They understand what you’re going through and want to help you in the best way possible. That’s why opening up is important, especially if you’re experiencing negative thoughts, self-harm, or suicidal ideation. But don’t fret, even if you don’t feel comfortable with the GP, you can always wait till your appointment with a psychologist or counsellor.

The GP might ask about your:

  • Your health and any meds you’re on
  • Previous therapies or help
  • Your family’s mental health background
  • The kind of influences around you (be it environmental, family, or cultural)
  • Your daily life, relationships, and goals
  • Your workplace or school pressures
  • And of course, how you’re feeling emotionally

Before heading into the consultation, think about questions you might have, like:

  • Getting clarity on your feelings
  • Potential diagnoses and treatments
  • How long the healing process might take
  • Any medication concerns
  • The number of sessions that could be beneficial

Any questions or concerns you have are completely valid. Don’t hesitate to ask your GP anything you’d like.

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