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Options and Solutions for overcoming Anxiety

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Anxiety can strike at any age in life and its triggers vary for each individual, from environment and genetic influences through to environmental ones. While anxiety triggers may differ depending on who’s affected, there are eight most prevalent triggers of adult anxiety and what you can do about them that should help:

Brain chemistry plays an essential part in many mental health disorders. An imbalanced balance of chemicals – known as neurotransmitters – in our minds may cause imbalanced thinking or symptoms associated with mental illnesses. Studies have demonstrated that lower than usual neurotransmitter levels or too many of them can result in various mental health concerns; the cause remains unidentified, however. Imbalances in brain chemistry may contribute to anxiety. Medical professionals can assist by prescribing various treatments including medication or changes to lifestyle factors like diet and exercise to address such brain imbalances.

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Genetic Studies

Anxiety disorders attributed to genetics typically arise during adolescence as the brain undergoes changes and new genes come out. Scientists have discovered genes which are implicated in anxiety such as those responsible for transporting serotonin; although further study on its cause and impact remains essential. Though we inherit our DNA when born, its makeup may change slightly throughout our lifetimes if conditions arise which require changes.

Psychological Disorders

Anxiety often goes hand-in-hand with depression, making some individuals particularly prone to the disorder due to genetics and environmental influences. Psychological conditions may contribute to anxiety through conditioning responses or interpersonal conflicts and dysfunctional thought processes; such conditions should always seek professional assistance such as from our partnering psychologists when needed.

Environment Factors

Environmental factors, including chaotic home life, abuse or heavy work-related stressors can all play a part in inducing anxiety. Such circumstances may contribute to build-ups of toxins in the body which cause more anxiety; therefore it is vital for anyone concerned that their surroundings could be impacting on their mental wellbeing to make necessary changes and make the appropriate modifications in order for detoxification of body systems and nervous system relaxation to take place more readily. Health should always come first which includes prioritising fixing environmental factors that contribute to mental illness disorders as priority!

Substance Abuse

Chemicals found in drugs or prescribed medications or seemingly benign substances like caffeine can disrupt brain functioning and result in various anxiety symptoms like nervousness, lack of concentration difficulties, panic attacks and constant worry. Anxiety caused by substance abuse such as heavy drugs is especially difficult to treat due to being stuck in an addictive cycle wherein these substances cause anxiety while then they themselves use these same substances again to ease those feelings – creating more anxiousness while then abstaining or rehabilitation might provide the answer to overcome this dilemma.

Medical Factors

There are various medical conditions which may manifest anxiety-like symptoms, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Premenstrual Syndrome, Benign Positional Vertigo, Hypertension and Asthma to name but a few. Because they often exhibit some or multiple of the same signs as anxiety-inducing ones such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or Premenstrual Syndrome or premenstrual syndrome or Benign Positional Vertigo as well as Hypertension or Asthma it’s easy for a physician to misdiagnose somebody as having anxiety when instead they actually treat another medical issue altogether if in doubt if that happens it would make sense seek a second opinion, even though living comfortably with anxiety is manageable if correct medical concerns addressed appropriately if treated appropriately if that happens too!

Anxiety can often be managed so it’s essential that treatment is targeted towards specific medical concerns instead. If not sure who’s diagnosing your case, seek a second opinion since anxiety may just as easily live comfortably manageable medical conditions can vary considerably between individual cases so seek another opinion before making up their mind what type of medical concern there is when actually treating correctly! Anxiety is manageable condition but treating appropriate medical concerns properly is essential in managing treatment when managing medical concerns are being properly addressed effectively to avoid misdiagnosing issues rather than misdiagnosing it may just as manageable condition with many living with it’s key that treatment be targeted properly treated to be targeted properly by doctors so seeking second opinion prioritizing against misdiagnosing you correctly when diagnosed correctly treated it could result from treating its source rather versus another condition may need. If necessary.

Experiences From Past Or Childhood Years

History or childhood events may cause anxiety later in life as the result of having ignored or internalized them, then dissecting and processing those emotions in adulthood resulting in flashbacks or anxiety symptoms. Therefore it’s crucial that in such circumstances it be sought from experts such as our partnering psychologists for advice in order to process and manage these emotions effectively and avoid potential ongoing negative repercussions from past traumatic experiences in life.

Current Life Situations

Anxiety often results from changes or circumstances within our life circumstances that we cannot control, such as job loss, moving into a different stage in life or ending an important long-term relationship. Although some life changes are out of your hands and out of our hands alone, if something has affected both physically and psychologically it’s important that help is sought in both areas; make use of resources available.

It is best to seek assistance from your GP at CannaTelehealth who, if necessary, provide you with online therapy using alternative or holistic treatments for anxiety and provide you with a mental health care plan or mental health treatment plan which will allow you to consult with one of our partnering psychologists to explore the causes of anxiety.

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